Our Inspire Fitness Studio offers you strength equipment provided by Life Fitness and top of the range T7xi cardio equipment by Matrix Fitness. The cardiovascular (CV) equipment boasts touch screen technology enabling access to entertainment, social media and facility communication. You have a huge range of workout profiles to choose from, keeping you in control of your training and enabling you to reach your goals.

Who says you cant have it all?

Our Life Fitness Signature Series Strength equipment redefines traditional resistance machines by bridging the gap between intimidation and confidence. Exercisers of all levels will benefit from using the diverse range of machines available. The equipment has a unique increment weight system, which is integrated into the weight stack that allows users to gradually increase their resistance training. The visually enhanced instructional placards are clearly marked and provide simple instructions for correctly performing each exercise.

The minimum age to to use the Fitness Studio is 16 years. We do however have a supervised “Teen Gym” session for 11 to 15 year olds and we also allow parents and Teens to use the Fitness Studio  together at one of our Family Fit sessions.


You can view the new CV equipment and explore the new features that are now available to you by visiting the Matrix website links below. We have installed the top of the range T7xi models.

T7xI Treadmills x4

E7xi Elliptical x2

R7xI Recumbent Cycle x1

U7xi Upright Cycle x1

Matrix Spinning Bike x1 

Concept Rower x2

The Life Fitness “Signature” Strength Equipment includes the following;

Cable Column, Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Lat Pulldown, Abdominal Crunch, Back Extension, Pectoral Fly, Leg Extension, Leg Press &

Seated Leg Curl.