Portrait of fitness class and instructor sitting on yoga mats and stretching handsFind peace of mind and achieve your own personal goals in totally calming and relaxed surroundings. Holistic exercise is a world away from gyms and high energy workouts.

YOGA is designed to enhance vitality and well-being. It helps flexibility, balance, strength and posture. Using relaxation techniques, poses, stretches and breathing exercises to enable you to feel revitalised. Yoga increases body awareness as well as lowering your resting heart rate and increase overall endurance.

PILATES because of its holistic nature, this is a great exercise for your body. The combination of stretches and breathing exercises can tone legs and arms and by allowing oxygen flow to muscles, Pilates will condition the entire body. Its focus on proper alignment and posture, so is one of the best exercises to tone your abs and strengthen the back. It promotes the coordination of the body, mind and spirit. It suits everyone, as it is low intensity and can be altered to suit different levels.

FOREVER FIT 50+ YOGA & MEDITATION to gain Flexibility & Strength, whilst reducing stress & promoting healthy living though the practice of YOGA.


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