What are the benefits to me of having a user card?

For £12:50 (twelve) PER YEAR you get all of the following benefits:

Priority 7 day a head booking (6 days for non user card holders)

Faster booking time

SAVINGS on Badminton bookings
SAVINGS on Football bookings
SAVINGS on Squash bookings

SAVINGS on Pay As You Go Fitness Classes

SAVINGS on Pay As You Go Fitness Studio

SAVINGS on Annexe & Dance Studio hire
SAVINGS on Table Tennis bookings
SAVINGS on Strider Birthday Party bookings
SAVINGS on Equipment hire

Telephone bookings available on schemes & courses

How do I apply for a card?

This is very simple. Just complete a User Card application form available from the centre and hand it in to reception, or send it by post to Shenley Leisure Centre, Burchard Crescent, Shenley Church End, Milton Keynes, MK5 6HF. Forms can also be completed via our website by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Proof of user card holders identity

A photograph of each user card holder will be taken on their first visit or another convenient time.

Cancellation of card use

Shenley Leisure Centre management reserve the right to withdraw any individual from the user card scheme at any time.