The Shenley Leisure Centre was opened in September 1991 and is sited alongside Denbigh School; by the Shenley Church End Local Centre in the West of Milton Keynes.

The Centre was originally managed by Buckinghamshire County Council and linked to the Woughton Leisure Centre. Following Local Government reorganisation the Centre came under the jurisdiction of Milton Keynes Council.

In 1998 the Centre gained independent Charitable Trust status and is now overseen by a Board of Trustees, comprising nominees of:

  • Milton Keynes Council
  • Denbigh School Governors
  • Shenley Church End and Loughton Parish Councils
  • Leisure Centre Users

The Trustees are unpaid volunteers. The Board has two committees which have oversight of the major management aspects of the Centre: namely

  • Business Management
  • Programming & Operations

In order to protect its charitable status, the Trust has formed a subsidiary Trading Company to manage the more commercial aspects of the organisation such as the Bar and Entertainment Programme. Any surplus funds generated by the Trading company are donated back to the Trust and, along with any other surplus funds generated are used to help expand and develop the Centre’s programmes and facilities. The Centre is supported by an ever reducing annual grant from Milton Keynes Council.

Each year the Centre develops a business plan and budget and produces year end sets of audited accounts.

The Shenley Leisure Centre employs a core team of around 13 staff. These are supported by a pool of casual staff to meet the wide range of varied and specialist facilities in the Centre.