Shenley Church End Pre-School

At Shenley Church End Pre-school, we are proud of the warm family atmosphere which welcomes both children and their parents. Our team of highly trained and experienced staff work hard to support all our children in learning through play. In our most recent Ofsted report in 2017 we achieved high standards in all areas.

Shenley Church End Pre-School is a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PSLA) and like other Pre-schools it is community based, drawing on and responsive to local people and local needs.

The Pre-School is run by an elected committee of parents for the benefit of all the children and their families. The Pre-School is based in the Annexe of Shenley Leisure Centre. The children have access to a secure outdoor area and we have appropriate outdoor activities and play facilities and we try to ensure children get time outside in each session.

Opening Times:

We are open every day, Monday through Friday, during term time, with two sessions every day. Session times are:

Morning:9.00 am to 12.00 pmIncludes snack time: we offer milk or water to drink and encourage the children to sit at table for a fruit snack followed by songs. (Parents are asked to provide a piece of fruit every other session.)
Afternoon:12.00 pm to 3.00 pmChildren bring their own packed lunch to eat after the registration period.
With the option of all day (9 am – 3pm)