It’s February, you know what that means! Valentine’s day is fast approaching. While valentine’s day is supposed to be a celebration of love, it can be quite hectic regardless of if you are a singleton or not. Every advertisement you see, every storefront you walk past, you are always reminded either to get something for your partner or that you are still single. So what if you are still single? It’s by far the cheaper option anyway. This year, instead of floundering in our singleness, or worrying about what to get our partners, let’s do the big day a little differently by loving ourselves. Here are a few Shenley favourite self-care tips to show yourself some love this Valentine’s day.

  1. Buy yourself flowers:

Okay, I don’t mean order yourself a whole boutique, just go down to your local supermarket and pick up something cheap and cheerful, or expensive and extravagant depending on your budget. Flowers do more than brighten a room, it is scientifically proven that they can have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood also. Flower power!


  1. Take a break from social media:

After you have followed us on social media, take a break from it. According to an article from Cyber crew, The UK is home to 53 million active social media users, which is 77.9% of the UK population. Imagine being in a room with this many people, I wouldn’t be able to breathe. With this being said, let’s sign out of our social media accounts this valentines day. There is plenty on TV at the moment, including the 6 Nations Rugby. Watch England bring it home live in our Sportsmen’s Rest Bar. We will be showing all matches!

Social media

  1. Treat yourself to a gift

Maybe even a membership with your favourite leisure centre? A study from Mintel showed that the nation took to self-gifting last Christmas as a quarter (24%) of Brits splashed the cash on themselves. Getting yourself a gift this valentines from “your secret admirer” is absolutely fine. Self-care is the way forward. Why not even throw yourself a party in our Sports bar or Annexe to celebrate how awesome you are?


  1. Meditate or practice Yoga

Woosah! Now it’s time for some peace and quiet, reflect, hit the shut down button on your brain and distress. Sara, our Yoga instructor, does a relaxing class every Thursday at 6 pm and Sunday at 9:30 am. Start the day of love off by waking up a bit earlier than usual and give yourself that head start to the day.


  1. Make yourself a nice dinner

Why spend money in a crowded restaurant? when you could cook yourself something, Gordon Ramsey style. Personally, I will not be partaking in this activity as I value to house that I live in and do not want to burn it. If you enjoy cooking, try something more adventurous than your weekly menu. Even if you don’t love cooking, just treat yourself to a Chinese, at least you won’t have as much washing up to do!


I hope that all of you love birds, whether single or not get the message. Whatever you are doing this valentine’s day or whoever you are spending it with, just take some time out to show yourself some love and self-care. Do it The Shenley way!